Reverend Theresa Waters-Dunston is an anointed preacher, teacher, empowerment and motivational speaker, intercessor, and aspiring author  who  is sought after by many to empower people with her God-given gifts. 

 A true worshipper and spirit-filled prayer warrior, Reverend Dunston can be found offering comfort, encouragement and strength through prayer calls and prayer vigils.  Reverend Dunston has a passion for the “hurt and forgotten” people, especially women.  God has anointed her to bring women out of bondage into their divine destiny, sharing her story of being “loosed” by the transforming power of an Almighty God.  Reverend Dunston and her husband birthed “Divine Destiny & Purpose Ministries,” a ministry designed to empower people to become unstuck, unparalyzed, unchained, unlocked and unleashed by their past, in order to fulfill their life’s purpose.  Reverend Dunston is a treasured friend to many who seek her encouragement and spiritual guidance.  Daily, Reverend Dunston surrenders herself to the Holy Spirit so that God can use her to impact and transform lives.   

Reverend Dunston is married with two children and is a  native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is an alumni of Temple University where she received her B S. Degree in Criminal Justice and is an alumni of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), where she received a Master’s in Divinity. 

Reverend Dunston is an ordained Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and is a member of Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta, GA. She is a servant leader in God’s Kingdom and has held numerous leadership roles in her local church.

Reverend Dunston’s life is a true testament to the resurrecting power of God, and she boldly professes how God turned her mess into a miracle & her trials into a testimony!  Rev. Dunston truly believes in her call and gives God all the Glory. 

Rev. Theresa Waters-Dunston, Founder

Rev. Carlton Dunston & Rev. Theresa Waters-Dunston


Divine Destiny and Purpose Ministries is a ministry that was founded out of a former place of bondage and pain from past hurts, past betrayals, past failures, past disappointments, fear, abandonment, shame, doubt, guilt and low self-esteem.  The pain of the past was so intense and consuming that moving forward was not an option.  The inability to move forward causes one to remain in a state of victimization, prohibiting the ability to move forward with and in their life.  If we are not careful, our PAST can and will poison our mind, distort our thinking, infiltrate our present, prevent us from fulfilling our PURPOSE and reaching our DIVINE DESTINY--the place that God has appointed just for us!!!  

This ministry was designed to MEET hurting and stuck people where they are using biblically-based principles to educate, encourage, ignite, equip, and empower people to become unstuck, unchained, unbound, and unleashed by their past in order to fulfill their life’s purpose and destiny. This is accomplished through many facets of social media and events including conferences, workshops, seminars, teaching and preaching. 

Rev. Carlton Dunston, Co-Founder

Rev. Carlton R. Dunston Jr. is an educator, motivational speaker and a MAN seeking to empower men to be real with themselves and God. Rev. Carlton is affectionately known as “Mr. D.” and can be found speaking life into our youth to become what God has called and created them to be through academics and mentoring.  Rev. Carlton has a unique gift to connect with today’s youth in and outside of the classroom.  He has a passion for helping youth BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”.  Rev. Carlton is gifted with a spiritual connection with other men, and he believes that men MUST take their rightful place as a spiritual leader.   Rev. Carlton speaks to men with a humble spirit, encouraging them to be proud Kingdom Men as they mature in their walk with God. 

Rev. Carlton is married to an amazing woman of God, a father to the best two children on earth, and is a daily cheerleader for his family, as they strive to fulfill their destiny and God-ordained dreams.  He is a native of Philadelphia, PA and alumni of Peirce College.  He is also an alumni of Kennesaw State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Rev. Carlton is the co-founder of “Divine Destiny and Purpose Ministries” a ministry that was birth by God through him and his wife Rev. Theresa Waters-Dunston.  This ministry is designed to empower people to become unstuck, unparalyzed, unchained, unlocked and unleashed by their past, in order to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Rev. Carlton lives by the word of God found in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  Rev. Carlton believes that God definitely has a plan for him and he purposely seeks God out in order to stay within that plan.

Rev. Carlton strives to show the world that men are not ashamed to praise God in ALL situations and in ALL circumstances.   He believes that being a warrior for the Lord is a part of being a man and why God created man!